Conference Handouts

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Thursday, November 1st

Introduction to Biofeedback (4.2 MB, PDF)
Dan Chartier, PhD

Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Handouts - Contact Urszula Klitch at for access
Richard Gevirtz, PhD

Introduction to NeuroFeedback (3.3 MB, PDF)
Richard Soutar, PhD

Friday, November 2nd

Applied HRV Data Interpretation for the Clinician (4.6 MB, PDF)
JP Ginsberg, PhD

Ongoing and Upcoming Changes and Regulations Related to Opioid Use (1.3 MB, PDF)
Keith Raziano, MD

Effect of Heart Rate Variability: Biofeedback As Myocardial Blood Flow in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease: A Randomized Controlled PilotTrial (889 KB, PDF)
Amit Shah, MD, MSCR

Distinguished Lecturer: A Lifetime of Searching for the Motor, Sensory, and Cognitive Switches in the Mammalian Brain (57 KB, PDF)
M. Barry Sterman, PhD

Saturday, November 3rd

The Role of Psychoneurophysiological Evaluations into a Multidisciplinary Comprehensive Assessment Program (2.5 MB, PDF)
Antoinnette Giedzinska-Simons, PhD

Legal and Ethical Issues Impacting Clinical Practice (3.3 MB, Zipped PDF)
Howard Gold, Esq

Sunday, November 4th

Clinical Uses for Alpha-Stim (1.5 MB, PDF)
JoAnn Blumenthal, LMHC, BCN

One Clinic’s Shared Experience with Protocol Decision and Adjustment Metrics (1.1 MB, PDF)
David Cantor, PhD & Adrien Van Deusen

Food for Thought - Nutrition for Mental Health Powerpoint (9.5 MB, PDF)
Ruth Ann Foster, RN, MA

Food for Thought - Nutrition for Mental Health Handouts (5.5 MB, Zipped PDF)
Ruth Ann Foster, RN, MA

Improving Pain Management with Integrative Healthcare Approaches (1.5 MB, PDF)
Whitney N. Pierce, PhD. & Caroline Lassen-Greene, PhD

Working With Developmental Trauma: Results  of Neurofeedback Training With Adolescents (602 KB, PDF)
Megan Simpson, LPC, BCN

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