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Thursday, November 2nd

Introduction to Biofeedback (PDF)
Dan Chartier, PhD

Introduction to NeuroFeedback (PDF)
Richard Soutar, PhD

Friday, November 3rd

The Regulation of Sleep and How It Can Go Wrong: 2 Common Sleep Disorders and Their Treatments (PDF)
Allison Siebern, PhD

Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Interventions for Concussions & Optimal Performance (PDF)
Images: Brain 2 Axial T2 (JPG), Brain 2 Coronal (JPG), Brain 2 Saggital T1 (JPG)
Bob Conder, PsyD

Biofeedback Interventions for Sports Concussion Migraines and POTS in Women (PDF)
Alanna A. Conder, PsyD

Integrating Biofeedback with Psychotherapy to Treat Combat PTSD (PDF)
Geoffrey Hutchinson, PhD

Saturday, November 4th

An Individual Case Study Using Neurofeedback to Treat Neuropathy, Balance, Motor Coordination and Health Difficulties Related to Chemotherapy (PDF)
Robert E. Longo, MRC, PLC, NCC, BCN and Richard Soutar, PhD

An Individual Case Study Using Neurofeedback to Treat TBI with Anxiety, Insomnia and Balance (PDF)
Robert E. Longo, MRC, PLC, NCC, BCN and Richard Soutar, PhD

EEG & QEEG: Foundations to Methods Leading to Training Planning (PDF)
EEG Dick Tracy Slides (PDF)
Grant Bright, PhD

Effective Interventions for Healing and Resilience (PDF)
Maggie Minsk, LPC, NCC

Emotional Support for Veterans (PDF)
Mary Markovich, JD, MBA

Panel: Emotional Support for Veterans (PDF)
Maggie Minsk, LPC, NCC and Mary Markovich, JD, MBA

The QEEG Correlates of Auditory Memory Across the Ages 6-70, Developmental Patterns and Sex Differences (PDF)
Kirtley Thornton, PhD

Integrative Management of Sensitized Chronic Pain with Autonomic Self-Regulation (PDF)
JP Ginsberg, PhD

Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Adolescents in Residential Settings: A Pilot Study (PDF)
J. Michael Griffin, PhD, BCN

Sunday, November 5th

Ethics in qEEG, Neuromodulation, and Biofeedback (PDF)
Robert Longo, LPC, NCC

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