2019 SBCNA Pre-Conference Presenters


Full Day Featured Presentation
The Electrophysiology of Stress: Strategies to Improve Clinical Efficacy and Compassion

About Dr. Urszula Klich and Penijean Gracefire

Compassion has emerged as a major factor in the therapeutic benefit of mindfulness-based techniques which have been integrated into mainstream healthcare. There is a growing body of evidence of the effects of compassion training on physiological, psychological and behavioral levels. Combining biofeedback with compassion practices can maximize the advantageous psychological and physical changes that are seen with both. Research findings suggest that compassion training may decrease loneliness, depressive symptoms, and sleep difficulty as well as moderate the effects of trauma. read more]

Dan Chartier, PhD


Introduction to Biofeedback (Morning)

About Dr. Chartier

In 1983 Dr. Chartier began a private psychotherapy and biofeedback practice, Life Quality Resources, in Raleigh, NC. QEEG assessments and Neurofeedback training became a part of Dr. Chartier’s work in 1989. [read more]

Richard Soutar, PhD, BCN


Introduction to Neurofeedback (Afternoon)

About Dr. Soutar

Richard Soutar, PhD, BCN is a clinician, published author in the area of neurofeedback and international workshop leader. [read more]

Peder H. Fagerholm, PhD


Workshops: Introduction to Neurofeedback and Peripheral Biofeedback Equipment and Practices

About Dr. Federholm

Dr. Pedar Fagerholm is BCIA board certified as a Fellow in biofeedback and neurofeedback and also specializes in Heart Rate Variability and as a qEEGt. [read more]
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