Conference Handouts

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From One to 19 Channels and Beyond: Survey of Neurofeedback Techniques (PPTX)
J. Michael Griffin, Ed.D., Ph.D., BCN

Hemoencephalography (HEG 1-10) (ZIP - PDFs)
Peder H. Fagerholm, Ph.D

Neural Networks: A Review of Basics and Theoretical Applications (PDF)
David S. Cantor, Ph.D. and Dick A.Genardi, Ph.D.

Neurofeedback in an Adolescent Residential Treatment Program (ZIP - DOCX)
J. Michael Griffin, Ed.D., Ph.D., BCN

Practical Applications of qEEG: Introductory Principles of Clinical Analysis (ZIP - PDF/DOCX)
Penijean Gracefire, LMHC, BCN

Youth Stress Management and Performance (PDF)
Harry L. Campbell, BPS, BCB

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