Penijean Gracefire


Lightspeed Neurofeedback: EEG Modulated Pulsed Near InfraRed

Photobiomodulation has emerged as a promising therapy in recent years for ameliorating symptoms associated with both mental health and neurophysiological conditions. Historically, the applications of pulsed near-infrared and neurofeedback in the same treatment arc have yielded encouraging clinical outcomes. This workshop will present an innovative new technique directly integrating pulsed NIR into a neurofeedback design which modulates the delivery of the pulsed NIR based on changes in selected EEG metrics, discuss case studies using this approach, and explore the significance of including pulsed NIR as an element of feedback within the neurofeedback paradigm itself. This session will introduce neurofeedback protocol designs which incorporate the Vielight device to deliver NIR at 810 nm, pulsed at rates determined by the clinical analysis of individual qEEG results of each subject within the context of current literature on photobiomodulation. The exposure to these pulses are directly modified by shifts in pre-selected EEG metrics.

About Pennijean Gracefire

Penijean is a neural frequency analyst and published author who rides motorcycles, drinks tea, and designs therapeutic interventions using 3D brain imaging technology. As a licensed mental health clinician, she integrates emotional experience with electrophysiology to alter neural dynamics in real time, helping people recover from trauma or improve brain flexibility and resiliency. Penijean’s groundbreaking work has led to industry-wide changes in neurotherapy, and is the basis for current standards in international certification. She currently co-chairs the Neuroscience Task Force for the American Mental Health Counseling Association, and serves as a consultant to a number of research and development ventures in the field of neurotechnology. Her passions include spectral analysis, donuts, and taking things apart to see how they work.


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