2019 SBCNA Conference Presenters

Susan Blank, MD


CANCELLED An Evidenced Based Approach to Addiction Treatment, including Neurofeedback

About Dr. Blank

Susan Blank, MD, is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer for the Atlanta Healing Center. [read more] [read more]

JoAnn Blumenthal, LMHC,


Clinical Uses for Alpha-Stim

About Ms. Blumenthal

I am a licensed psychotherapist with 20 years experience using the following modalities; Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Alpha Stim Treatments, and Counseling with children, adolescents, and adults. [read more]

Harry Campbell


The Power of Psychophysiological Stress Profiling

About Harry Campbell 

Harry was introduced to biofeedback in 1984 by Adam Crane and has been active in biofeedback ever since. Owner of Biofeedback Resources International for 12 years. [read more]

Penijean Gracefire


Lightspeed Neurofeedback

About Penijean Gracefire

Penijean is a neural frequency analyst and published author who rides motorcycles, drinks tea, and designs therapeutic interventions using 3D brain imaging technology.  [read more

Dan Chartier, PhD


Introduction to Biofeedback

About Dr. Chartier

In 1983 Dr. Chartier began a private psychotherapy and biofeedback practice, Life Quality Resources, in Raleigh, NC. QEEG assessments and Neurofeedback training became a part of Dr. Chartier’s work in 1989. [read more]

Peder H. Fagerholm, PhD


Workshops: Introduction to Neurofeedback and Peripheral Biofeedback Equipment and Practices

About Dr. Fagerholm

Dr. Pedar Fagerholm is BCIA board certified as a Fellow in biofeedback and neurofeedback and also specializes in Heart Rate Variability and as a qEEGt. [read more]

Robert Longo


Ethics in Neuromodulation and QEEG

About Robert Longo 

Robert E. Longo, MRC, LPC, NCC, BCN, is a Neurofeedback clinician in private practice in Lexington, NC. He is a part-time contract clinician at Timber Ridge Treatment Center[read more]

Melinda Paige


Self-care Strategies in Session: Protective Strategies & Vicarious Resiliency

About Dr Paige

Melinda Paige earned a Ph.D in Counselor Education and Practice and an Ed.S in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University. She has twenty years of clinical experience serving survivors of trauma as well as trauma [read more]

Marjorie Roberts, BSN


Homeopathy – What is it, how is it used and how can it impact my clients?

About Marjorie Roberts

Marjorie Roberts received her BS in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin and her Masters of Science in Health Professions from Southwest Texas State University. [read more]
Kristina Seymour, PsyD

The Optimal Response Initiative - Stay alert - Stay alive - AND THRIVE!

About Dr. Seymour

Dr. Seymour is a Clinical Psychologist, specializing resiliency and optimal cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. She trained at Emory Hospital, The Shepherd Center [read more]

Robert Turner


Prescribing Brain Health as a Prelude to Neurofeedback

About Dr. Turner

Robert “Rusty” P Turner, MD, MSCR, is the owner and CEO of Network Neurology in Charleston, South Carolina. He began this new endeavor with more than 16 years of clinical [read more]

Urszula Klich, PhD, BCB


Presidential Lecture:

Using Mindfulness, Compassion and Positive Psychology Tools to Propel Habit Change in Treatment

About Dr. Klich

Dr. Urszula Klich is a clinical psychologist, speaker, and author who teaches self-regulation to maximize physical and emotional health. [read more]

 Tato Sokhadze


Application of neurofeedback and neuromodulation in autism research and treatment

About Dr. Sokhadze

Tato Sokhadze, is Research Professor at University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Greenville. Sokhadze has more than 25 years of experience in application of cognitive[read more]

Paul Ramirez


Are We Really Helping? Assessing Changes in Depression Symptom Severity

About Dr. Paul Ramirez

Dr. Paul Michael Ramirez is Professor of Neuroscience/ Neuropsychology, Psychopathology and Psychopharmacology within the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology [read more]

Richard Soutar, PhD, BCN


Introduction to Neurofeedback

About Dr. Soutar

Richard Soutar, PhD, BCN is a clinician, published author in the area of neurofeedback and international workshop leader. [read more]


 [read more]
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