Dr. Whitney Pierce, PsyD, RN, BCB, RYT


Improving Pain Management with Integrative Healthcare Approaches

Pain is a major public health problem and is the most common reason why Americans use complementary and integrative health practices. Conventional medical treatments including invasive procedures and prescription medications often fail to manage chronic pain effectively and may expose patients to additional health risks. Alternative approaches that increase potential for healthy pain coping and re-engagement in daily functioning are needed. Research studies have shown that complementary health modalities such as biofeedback, yoga, tai chi, massage, acupuncture, and spinal manipulation can help reduce symptom of pain and improve associated psychosocial factors related to mood and functional deficits. This presentation will focus on fostering resiliency and rehabilitation in face of chronic pain, by treating the whole person instead of just the pain symptoms.

About Dr. Pierce

Dr. Whitney Pierce is a licensed psychologist, registered nurse, and registered yoga teacher, with board certification in biofeedback. Through her varied professional experiences, she has developed a commitment to a holistic, person-centered vision of wellness. She currently works as part of the interdisciplinary pain clinic team at the VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System. Her duties as a clinical pain psychologist include supervising psychology and pharmacy trainees and providing education, assessment, therapy, yoga, and biofeedback training services for patients with chronic pain. She also advocates for the expansion of safe, nonpharmacological management of chronic pain through her participation in committees on Complementary and Integrative Health Modalities Implementation and Opioid Safety Initiatives.

Caroline Lassen-Greene, PhD


Co-Presenter: Improving Pain Management with Integrative Healthcare Approaches

About Dr. Lassen Greene

Dr. Lassen-Greene is a graduate of the Medical/Clinical Psychology Doctoral program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Tulane University’s Master of Science in Neuroscience program. She is currently a fellow at the Nashville VA Quality Scholars program where her interests focus on effectively integrating psychology into interdisciplinary healthcare teams. She has worked in health and rehabilitation psychology settings to promote patient resiliency and functional restoration in patients with chronic illness and those recovering from critical illness.

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